Surveillance & Threat Detection is our one and only company mission and passion. KIRIK provides proven attack prevention methodology training and education to the global security and law enforcement ecosystem which will detect, deter, disrupt, and prevent targeted violence and terror attacks against medium to high-value targets and critical infrastructures and key resources.

Our training and education services have assisted world-wide corporations and government agencies in meeting their awareness and tactical needs for all Surveillance & Threat Detection requirements. We have deep expertise and experience in the private and Government sectors, as well as expertise in working on activities where security clearances are required.

One (1) Day Surveillance & Threat Detection Awareness Course

Designed for law enforcement and security professionals providing participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to detect threats and hostile surveillance  with increased awareness of terrorist tactics and attack history and illustrates the means and methods used to detect surveillance.

Three (3) Day Advanced Surveillance & Threat Detection Skills Course

Provides a standard for prevention and mitigating risks to your facility. Students apply Surveillance & Threat Detection fundamental plans; recognize imminent attack indicators; implementing appropriate responses and reporting observations in accordance with your policies and procedures. 

Five (5) Day Advanced Skills and Tactical Surveillance & Threat Detection Course

Designed to establish dedicated Surveillance & Threat Detection teams that protect your facility persistently or during elevated threats. The program is delivered in classroom and practical settings using modules of lecture (20 hours) and practical exercises (15 hours). 

14-Day and 21-Day Elite Surveillance & Threat Detection Certification Courses