Suspicious Activity Reporting

KIRIK offers a proactive approach for agencies and businesses looking to identify and reduce risks before they occur. This practice includes expert assessment, analysis, strategic planning, training and plan execution to optimize security and Law Enforcement operations and meet regulatory and legal compliance standards. We specialize in conducting functional assessments for Law Enforcement, business units, facilities or practices, including benchmarking and gap analysis of our clients' programs for protecting High-Value physical assets. 

Our best practices methodology involves dissecting Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)  processes and understanding comprehensive workflow challenges and vulnerabilities from the inside out. Systematic Attack Prevention™ is an integrated process developed by KIRIK combining the principals of physical security and Surveillance and Threat Detection. 

It’s a process that improves your operation’s ongoing success by weaving into your organization a systematic process to improve efficiency and minimize risk during pre-attack activities, unplanned events, and throughout general daily operation. Systematic Attack Prevention™ maximizes SAR efficiency, shareholder value by minimizing disruption, increasing control of risk exposure, averting regulatory violations and avoiding adverse media.

KIRIK’s Prevention, Compliance, and Performance Improvement Process:

  • Conduct SAR Assessment on the Enterprise and recommend processes and programs to mitigate those risks based on industry standards and best practices.
  • Based on recommendations, develop, implement and manage new corporate programs or processes.
  • Conduct analysis of existing programs or processes to identify gaps or overlaps in SAR controls.
  • Fine tune and improve a specific process or program by identifying deficiencies and then remediate.
  • Assess specific facilities to identify unique risks and ensure enterprise standards are applied.