Business & Security Value

As a professional security practitioner investing in KIRIK's Threat Detection programs, your security and protective program value and organizational return on investment will be:

Personnel Empowerment: Post standers and law enforcement officers did not come into this business to just check badges at the door or push a button to open a bollard. They are persons of action.

EMPOWER your personnel by providing these men and women specific activities to look out for and in specific areas (red zones) to which they will become purpose-driven. A motivated purpose-driven force will greatly enhance your security posture and footprint.

Force Multiplier: A capability that, when added to and employed by a protection force, significantly increases the security potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment

FORCE MULTIPLYING through KIRIK’s Threat Detection training and application, security teams, supervisors, managers, and employees alike will give you “eyes and ears” across your organization. Successfully proving that you, as a security practioner, are “doing more-with less” and maximizing the human capital resources at your disposal.    

Lower Employee Turnover:

Due to protection forces being empowered and purpose-driven through KIRIK’s Threat Detection program Officer Retention has been proven to improve by as much as 30 percent.

High turnover can hurt overall morale of employees and the consequences can be:

COST of each employee who resigns costs your company money. All of the money invested into that employee through training, education and licensing walks out the door with the employee. When you hire a replacement, the company spends money on those same areas to prepare the new hire for the position. The company also pays to advertise the vacancy and may incur costs for drug testing, physicals and other expenses. The company could pay a third of the yearly salary of the new employee in these costs.

TIME due to high turnover rates cost the organization in addition to money. Managers or human resources staff spend time conducting exit interviews, advertising the job, recruiting candidates and interviewing. Supervisors and others are often left to cover until a new employee is hired and begins working therefore incurring overtime. The new employee may take several months to fully learn the job and achieve competency in the position.

CONTINUITY suffers from a high turnover rate affects the protective services to the people and asset you are charged with protecting. Your agency and company is better able to provide consistent, high-quality security with well-trained staff that doesn't change often.

Better Industrial Insurance Premiums: A comprehensive Threat Detection Program that will take you beyond insurance compliance which will bring you the added benefits of increased safety and security awareness. If you have a program for prevention (threat-based) versus mitigation (risk-based) this could lower your industrial insurance rates and save your organization money. 


Security as value-added through KIRIK’s comprehensive Systematic Attack Prevention™ Threat Detection Program


Governmental law enforcement agencies and private companies alike enlist KIRIK to train protective forces in the nuances of Surveillance & Threat Detection; evaluate current Threat Detection informational processes and provide benchmark and gap analysis of Suspicious Activity Reporting processes; and develop and integrate a comprehensive Threat Detection program into current operations that support the entire enterprise under a variety of circumstances, both ordinary and extraordinary.

Because our resources are the best industry practice experienced clients count on us to:

Institutionalize a low-intensity, ground-breaking Antiterrorism capability to any security footprint.

Deliver measurable and startling reduction of attack probabilities.

Dramatically increase the support to and integration of an “all hands on deck” awareness capability.

Strengthen relationships between security personnel on the ground, to the Security Operations Center, to the Supervisors, upstream to Management.  

Increase security productivity by freeing up valuable human capital resources and extending internal capabilities through streamlined, efficient suspicious reporting processes.

Enhance timeliness and effectiveness of suspicious activity incident management capabilities to optimize continuity and protect against civil liberty and privacy impacts, productivity, morale, and reputation loss.

Dramatically improve your security footprint, operational efficiency, and reduce operational deficiencies with intensive vigilance.

Vividly improve the overall security image of the organization.

Detection + Deterrence = Defeat.