Why Threat Detection

Territorial Dominance

When humans have their own territory then there is an impulse to defend this territory against others seeking to ‘invade’ it. Territoriality is the attempt by an individual or group to affect, influence or control people, phenomena, and relationships by delimiting and asserting control over a geographic area.  

Territorial Integrity

Your organization should OWN its operating environment and effectively defend its territory against acts of violence by another. KIRIK’s comprehensive Systematic Attack Prevention™ Threat Detection Program of training Law Enforcement and Security personnel builds systematic and sustained Territorial Dominance.

Territorial Imperative

We know every criminal and terrorist attack is preceded by hostile operational surveillance. KIRIK’s Systematic Attack Prevention™ Threat Detection program identifies these indicators through the force multiplying effect of training ground protective forces in recognizing these indicators. 

Territorial Intelligence

Incoming data of suspicious activity is just information. In order to be an effective protective force, organizations must make the relationship with this data actionable. This now becomes intelligence – real, or near real-time, actionable intelligence. 

Institutionalizing KIRIK’s Threat Detection program into your operations transforms suspicious activity and hostile intent into site specific actionable intelligence that forewarns of criminal and terror activities – allowing you to apply a security posture to prevent and thwart an impending attack.